Newsletter November 2018


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An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

Newsletter November 2018
Executive Committee News:
The AGM minutes 2018 AGM Minutes, the post AGM Chairperson’s Circular 2018 Post AGM Chairperson’s Circular and the post AGM version of Procedural Manual and Byelaws are now available in Google Docs. 2018 Procedural Manual, 2018 Byelaws and Rules and Regulations
A password is no longer required to access the Byelaws and the Procedural Manual.
The case reports presented on Educational day are available in the Past Congress Resources section.
Only 47 members have completed the Congress Satisfaction Survey so please visit the Latest News section on the website and complete the survey – Satisfaction Survey for the 34th IBITA Congress 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.
IBITA Basic Course Theoretical Workbook (12.1 Agenda 2018) – it was decided to set up a working group to continue with the project. If any Instructor or Instructor – Candidate wishes to join the working group, please contact Libby Swain (e.swain@ibita.orgbefore 30th November 2018.
Consensus on the implementation of the Bobath concept in clinical practice (12.2 Agenda 2018) – it was decided to set up a working party to take this work forward. If any member wishes to join the working group, please contact Libby Swain (e.swain@ibita.orgbefore 30th November 2018.News from the Nominating Committee
Dear IBITA members,
We would like to present to you the current overview of vacant committee posts for the next elections at the AGM in 2019.  There are several possibilities of second terms, for the ones already serving. But we appreciate very much, to be in touch with all of you!
So please, think about your candidature. We are looking forward to get your response. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.
Thank you all, kind regards from the Nominating Committee
Heike (Chairperson ) ( Masako ( and Cecilia            (

Committees          Vacant posts
EC Secretary                  1
EC Instructor Training Secretary                  1
Appeals & Grievance Committee                  1
Nominating Committee                  1
Peer Review Committee                  3
Instructor Training Committee                  2
( 1/2 EC member )
Qualification Committee:
Europe / Africa
Asia / Pacific
North / South America

Request for Instructors with experience of Spinal Cord Injuries from South Africa
We have identified the need for a one-week course, Bobath-based, on the treatment of incomplete SCI.  This would NOT be an IBITA advanced course. It would be attended by PTs and OTs at a well-established rehabilitation centre in Johannesburg, and would also be advertised nationally.
Please would members with this specific experience contact Jessica Lund

Request for physiotherapists to participate in a survey into Stroke Rehabilitation
The message below is from Rebecca who works with Professor Baker who presented to the IBITA AGM in Dublin 2017.
IBITA is not associated with this research initiative. Please contact the research team directly with questions
“I am working with Professor Stuart Barker and his team at Newcastle University who have developed a wearable rehabilitation device for stroke survivors with reduced hand and arm function.
The device which delivers a series of small electrical shocks followed by an audible click strengthens brain and spinal connections, by inducing plastic changes in the neural circuits providing long term enhancements or correction of the central nervous system. This results in long lasting changes in hand and arm function, the benefit is observed in both recent stroke patients and those who have suffered from the after effects of stroke for a few years.

It is envisioned that using the device in parallel with traditional physiotherapy techniques during rehabilitation will be complementary, providing superior long term hand and arm function for stroke patients. Further  information can be found in the following press release –
We are interested in confirming interest amongst physiotherapists and help feed into the final stages of development. Consequently we have set up a brief 5 minute survey –  Any assistance that you can give in highlighting the survey to your membership would be very helpful and welcomed. Would it be possible for you to publicise the survey through any newsletter, blogs or social media networks?”

Newsletter December 2018 – if you any items for the next newsletter, please send me the information by 17th December. Thank you

Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary