Basic Course – IBITA certified2018-04-29T00:21:38+00:00


  • The Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions – The Bobath Concept.


  • Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists may attend the basic course.
  • Medical doctors, speech therapists and registered nurses may be allowed to participate fully, at the discretion of the individual course leader.


  • All participants who successfully complete the basic course on “The Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions – The Bobath Concept” will receive the IBITA certificate. If a course-member is absent for more than one day (= 8 hours) from a basic course, the IBITA certificate will not be given.

Course Content and Description

  • The basic course is to be given in a minimum of 110 hours of teaching (one hour = 60 minutes) delivered with an average of 7.5 hours teaching per day. The minimum teaching hours per day must comply with any existing national health care system regulations of the country in which the course takes place.
  • The Instructor/participant ratio should be an optimum of 1:10 and a maximum of 1:12.
  • The number of participants to be allowed in any basic course will be as follows:
    • Per qualified Instructor – optimum of 10 participants, maximum of 12 participants.
    • Per 1st level assistant – maximum of 4 additional participants.
    • Per Instructor-candidate – maximum of 8 additional participants.
    • The total number of participants is never to exceed 24, in any one basic course.
    • Exemption: A maximum of one additional course participant per instructor for a maximum of 5 days will be allowed on a Basic course when the participant has failed to fulfil the attendance rule or clinical competencies on a previous Basic course.
  • The maximum ratio of students to patients will be 2:1 for assessment and treatment.