The Bobath Concept

The Bobath concept is the most widely used neuro-rehabilitation approach worldwide, and considers the impact of the neurological condition on the whole person within their individual context. The clinical application of the Bobath concept focuses on movement analysis with respect to selective movement, postural control and the role of sensory information to develop a movement diagnosis guiding treatment and evaluation.

Bobath Trained Therapist

(IBITA Recognized)

Any therapist who uses the title/description, “Bobath Trained” or “Bobath therapist”, must have completed a Basic Bobath course and a minimum of two (2) IBITA Advanced courses, including one within the previous five (5) years.

Alternately, they must currently be an IBITA Instructor or IBITA Instructor Candidate.


IBITA certified Basic and Advanced courses are instructed around the world by qualified IBITA Instructors.  Core course curricula are established by IBITA and regularly updated.

Instructor Training

 Interested in becoming an IBITA Instructor? Prerequisites are required prior to the application to commence IBITA Instructor Training. Qualification involves a standardized international process.