Prerequisities to Commence IBITA Basic Course Instructor Training2018-06-12T20:36:52+00:00

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During the period of IBITA Instructor training the Basic Course Instructor-Candidate is required to:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of four Basic Course Assistantships, including the Pre-Qualification Assistantship with a “more experienced” instructor and the Final Assistantship with Qualification Panel members attending.
    • A minimum of six months’ clinical experience with adults with neurological conditions is required between each formal assistantship.
    • Must assist with at least two different instructors, including a “more experienced” instructor for the Pre-Qualification Assistantship.
  • Prepare a Qualification Evidence Portfolio
  • Complete 600 Hours/year minimum clinical experience with neurological patients
  • Complete the compulsory IBITA Instructor-Candidate Training Modules including any pre- and post module assignments
  • Maintain a minimum of 130 hours of formal training over any two-year period including assistantship on a basic course, instructor training modules, advanced courses, or clinical placement
  • Attend an IBITA Annual General Meeting at least once during the period of training
  • Abide by all IBITA Byelaws, Rules and Regulations, and Procedures

The minimum time for qualification as an instructor is two years from the date of signing the successful first assistantship evaluation form.