Newsletter  Pre AGM 2019 Information 

An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

Newsletter  Pre AGM 2019 Information 
Dear Members
We are all looking forward to the 35th IBITA congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 21st -24th  2019. This newsletter contains important information for members to prepare for the meeting in Argentina.  Our appreciation to the IBITA members from Argentina for their work in preparing for this meeting.

  • AGM and Congress Webpages and Program
  • Argentinian IBITA 2019 Congress Webpage LINK for registration
  • IBITA 2019 AGM/Congress Webpage  contains important AGM information and the full program
  • In preparation for the Education Day on Saturday 24th please print a paper copy of the MBCP worksheet, the guideline and the Gibbs Reflective Framework as these documents are needed for the day

MBCP Worksheet     [PowerPoint slide]– Teaching resource, course handout.
MBCP Worksheet Guideline [PowerPoint slide]– Teaching resource, course handout.
Gibbs Reflective Framework 
Please bring appropriate clothing for the practical sessions – shorts and sleeveless tops.

  • Pre-AGM Chairpersons Circular – please read this document as it contains important information LINK
  • AGM and Congress Registration
    • Location: UCA Puerto Madero Auditoriums | Room: Auditorium Cine
    • Wednesday August 21: 16:00 – 18:00 Congress registration.
    • Thursday 22 August: 0800-0845 Congress Registration
  • Collect Voting Cards
    • Location: UCA Puerto Madero Auditoriums | Room: Auditorium Cine
    • Friday 23 August: 08:00 – 08:30 ALL members must collect a voting card
  • 2019 AGM Agenda  Link
    • You must be online for the links to work.
    • You may choose to download the folder with all files to your computer so you can review them offline. The links will only work if you are online, but the files are all clearly named: Go to the AGM-35 2019 Documents 
    • Most documents have been linked to the agenda but a few outstanding documents shall be linked before the AGM. Please keep reviewing the Agenda to see the new linked documents
  • Voting – The Postal Vote Form has been uploaded LINK. Postal Votes close 16th August 2019
  • Please note that voting rights are dependent upon fulfilling member duties:
    • SIS submissions MUST be completed and subscriptions must be paid before voting cards are issued
    •  SIS Instructions  LINK  Please contact us if you require assistance.
    • Subscriptions to be paid no later than August 15th – Invoice LINK 
  • Please print the ballot forms single sided and bring them with you to the AGM Ballot Forms LINK 
  • AGM Attendance Certificate. You are required to attend the full AGM day to meet the AGM attendance requirements. A certificate of AGM attendance shall only be issued if you attend the full AGM day.
  • Committee Tables. Representatives from our standing committees will be available during morning and afternoon breaks on Thursday for meet and greet, questions and discussions. We look forward to meeting you!
  • All Instructor Candidates attending the meeting on Wednesday 22 August 15:00-17:00, please RSVP to
  • ITC Module participants are encouraged to download the pdf on the respective webpage to obtain important details including program, travel information, and much more – 2019 IC Training Module

Remember to….

  • Read the Pre-AGM Chairpersons Circular LINK 
  • Go to the AGM-35 2019 Documents AGM-35 2019 Documents  and download the AGM documents
  • Check the programme of events
  • Pack your shorts and sleeveless tops for the practical sessions and print paper copies of the MBCP Worksheet, Guidelines and Gibbs Reflective Framework
  • Print your ballot forms
  • Pack your dancing shoes for the Tango!!
  • Have a safe journey and see you in Buenos Aires

Finally, if you have any information for the next newsletter, please send it to me by 15th September 2019.
Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary