2019 February Newsletter






   An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

February 2019 Newsletter

Executive Committee News:
We would like to welcome three new Associate members:
Mr Christiam Megue, Peru,
Christiam is our first member in Peru and has taken on the role of country representative.
Ms Bernardita Pizarro Donoso, Chile,
Bernardita is our first member in Chile.
Mr Oki Pram Secioria, Indonesia

IMPORTANT DATES – have been updated for 2019. Please check this page regularly – https://ibita.org/important-dates/

Membership Fees 
Our membership fees are tiered based on the World Bank of Economies.
To accommodate members from low and middle income countries, three different tiers are used and several countries have changed their categories so please check 2.7 Invoice and ensure you will be paying the correct amount for 2019/20

Instructor Training Committee
2019 I-C Training Module Registration opened January 1, 2019
All information including the registration form is posted on the website:

Important Notice for all IC’s and Potential new IC’s
Instructor-candidates will be given priority registration on a “first come, first served” basis until April 1st.  All instructor candidates should submit their I-C Training Module registration before April 1 to secure a place on the module.

Education Committee
Advanced Course Core Curriculum and Evaluation Form
At the 2018 AGM membership voted to adopt a core curriculum and a standardized evaluation form to be used on all IBITA recognized Advanced Courses.  This will facilitate delivery of effective and quality education and produce useful feedback with respect to quality assurance.  The documents can be found in the Procedural Manual and are linked below:
3.2.2 Core Curriculum for the Advanced Course on the Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions – The Bobath Concept  PDF,   Word
3.2.3 Advanced Course Evaluation Form. PDF,   Word
Please can all instructors ensure they are using these documents?
Redefining the Bobath concept.
At the 2015 AGM the Education Committee was assigned the task to redefine the Bobath concept. Phases 1 and 2 of this project are now published and uploaded to Google Docs-IBITA Library-Bobath.
Vaughan-Graham J, Cott C, Holland A, Michielsen M, Magri A, Suzuki M, Brooks D (2018) Developing a revised definition of the Bobath concept. Physiother Res Int. Dec 16:e1762. doi: 10.1002/pri.1762. [Epub ahead of print] recently published

Research Committee
Books and Chapters on Public Webpage
Last year a motion was passed regarding the inclusion of books and chapters of books about the BC. The procedure says: Books and chapters in books specific to the Bobath concept and authored by IBITA members, to be considered for citation on the IBITA PUBLIC webpage, are to be sent to the Research Committee (RC) Chairperson and must be accompanied by a short abstract written by the author in English. 
Authors who would like to have their book on the public page of the website, please contact me: mgl.benito@gmail.com

Bobath Research in Progress
– Members currently involved in research projects regarding the Bobath concept are invited to please update the list of ongoing research posted on google docs: BOBATH RESEARCH IN PROGRESS
For further information, please contact Miguel Benito   mgl.benito@gmail.com

Library Updates
The library now has a folder with 82 new articles  – the folder is called “recently added 12-02-2019”.
Two new articles related to the Bobath Concept have also been added to the Bobath folder.
One of these articles has involved members input and work from the Education Committee.
“Redefining the Bobath concept publication and manuscripts: Vaughan-Graham J, Cott C, Holland A, Michielsen M, Magri A, Suzuki M, Brooks D (2018) Developing a revised definition of the Bobath concept. Physiother Res Int. Dec 16:e1762. doi: 10.1002/pri.1762. [Epub ahead of print] recently published.” https://drive.google.com/open?id=18FyDjr6UHaqUuFlQsFwVaQUT-klGe8vL

Congress Poster
There is a new congress poster uploaded to the website:
Sliwka, et al._2018_Co-Activation of trunk stabilising muscles and its influence on the diaphragm work – https://ibita.org/ibita-congress-posters/

Nomination Committee
Dear IBITA members,
The Nominating Committee would like to present to you again the current overview of vacant committee posts for the next elections at the AGM in 2019.
There are several possibilities of second terms, for the ones already serving. We will get in contact with you soon. But we appreciate very much, to be in touch with all of you!
So please, think about your candidature. We are looking forward to get your response. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.
Thank you all, kind regards
The Nominating Committee
Heike ( chairperson )            hfrauendorfschulze@freenet.de
Masako                                    fuchi@knwu.ac.jp
Cecilia                                    pc.lofgren@myhome.fi

EC Secretary                              1 post
EC Instructor Trainee Secretary            1 post
Appeals and Grievance Committee      1 post
Nominating Committee                      1 post
Peer Review Committee                      2 posts
Research Committee                        1 post
Instructor Training Committee              1 post
Qualification Committee
Europe / Africa                            1 post
Asia / Pacific                            2 posts
North / South America                      2 posts

Qualification Committee
The Qualification Committee is encouraging members to apply to join the register of More Experienced Instructors (MEI), especially in the countries where there is no MEI (Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, South Korea).  An Expression of Interest Form can be completed at any time and will provide our Instructor-Candidates with a larger choice of More Experienced Instructors to support their training and development. Please, go to the website and visit the requirements for this application:  https://ibita.org/more-experienced-instructors/. 
Expressions of Interest Form should be sent to Camila Torriani-Pasin by email (camilatorriani@gmail.com).

Teaching courses in Nepal?
We have received a request from a therapist in Nepal who would like to take the Basic Bobath Course in English, preferably in Nepal.
If there are instructors who are teaching or would like to teach a course in Nepal, please could you let me know? Thank you

Finally, if you have any information for the next newsletter, please send it to me by 15thMarch 2019.

Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary