2019 January Newsletter



   An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

January 2019 Newsletter

Executive Committee News
We would like to wish all members a Happy New Year.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL MEMBERS – Please be advised that during the 2018 AGM membership approved many changes to our Byelaws, Rules & Regulations and Procedures. These changes are relevant to all members and all IBITA certified courses.  If you have not already done so, you are strongly encouraged to read the 2018 Post AGM Chairperson’s Circular

IMPORTANT DATES – have been updated for 2019. Please check this page regularly  https://ibita.org/important-dates/
Instructor Training Committee News
2019 I-C Training Module Registration opened January 1, 2019
All information including the registration form is posted on the website:  https://ibita.org/2019-i-c-training-module/

Instructor-candidates will be given priority registration on a “first come, first served” basis until April 1st.  All instructor candidates, and prospective new candidates meeting the criteria below, should submit their I-C Training Module registration before April 1 to secure a place on the module.
An individual, who is not yet a member of IBITA, may email the IBITA Secretary
requesting permission to register for an I-C Training Module. A letter of support from a Full Member must accompany the request, verifying anticipated successful first assistantship completion a minimum of one month (30 days) prior to module commencement.  The individual must be a registered/paid Associate Member a minimum of one month (30 days) prior to module commencement. The one-month time frame allows the possibility to offer registration to an individual wait listed if the assistantship is not successfully completed. Note these individuals are not eligible for the IC Training Module Grant as only current ICs may apply for the Instructor-Candidate Training Module Grant with submission deadline January 30. 
It is the responsibility of the supervising Full Member to provide the prospective IC all relevant information.

Please refer to the Policies and Procedures 5.1.2 Instructor-Candidate Training Module Grants.  Module registration must be completed prior to grant application submission.

Nominating Committee News
Dear IBITA members,
With best wishes for the New Year 2019, the Nominating Committee would like to present you again the current overview of vacant committee posts for the next elections at the AGM in 2019.
There are several possibilities of second terms, for the ones already serving. We will get in contact with you soon. But we appreciate very much, to be in touch with all of you! New year, new chances! So please, think about your candidature. We are looking forward to get your response. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.
Thank you all, kind regards
The Nominating Committee
Heike ( chairperson )  hfrauendorfschulze@freenet.de 
Masako                        fuchi@knwu.ac.jp
Cecilia                          pc.lofgren@myhome.fi

EC Secretary                                             1 post
EC Instructor Trainee Secretary          1 post
Appeals and Grievance Committee     1 post
Nominating Committee                         1 post
Peer Review Committee                        3 posts
Instructor Training Committee           1 post
Qualification Committee
            Europe / Africa                           1 post
            Asia / Pacific                               2 posts
            North / South America             2 posts 
Qualification Committee News
The latest version of the Basic Course Assistantship Evaluation form will be available in Google Docs by the end of January. We would like to receive your feedback on your experiences using the new form during the next eight months. After the AGM in August 2019 we will use your feedback to improve the form and plan to have a final version by December 2019. Please email your feedback to Camila Torriani – Pasin when you have finished completing your evaluation form at camilatorriani@gmail.com
Small Sample Research Design – Advanced course instructor participation
If you are an Advanced Course Instructor, and /or organising advanced courses, and your course will be instructed or translated into English please consider participating in the following study: “The effects of rehabilitation interventions based on the contemporary Bobath concept in persons with a neurological diagnosis: Small Sample Research Design”
– EC study support email LINK 
– IBITA Instructor Invitation & Information Letter LINK 
All questions should be directed to Julie Vaughan-Graham PT, PhD, Primary Researcher e: julie.vaughan.graham@utoronto.ca
Teaching courses in India?
We are receiving several enquiries from therapists in India who would like to take the Basic Bobath Course. If there are instructors who are teaching or would like to teach a course in India, please could you let me know? Thank you  
Finally, if you have any information for the next newsletter please send it to me by 15th February 2019.
Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary