2020 February Newsletter

An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

Newsletter February 2020
Executive Committee News:
We would like to offer our congratulations to Helen Lindfield who qualified as an Advanced Course Instructor this month.
The AGM Satisfaction Survey is now on the website with the AGM documents – LINK 

IMPORTANT DATES – have been updated for 2020. Please check this page regularly. https://ibita.org/important-dates/
Please remember motions for the AGM need to be submitted by  31st May 2020.

2020 AGM / Congress
The 36th IBITA AGM/Congress will be held in Marstrand (near Gothenburg), Sweden
on 26th – 29th  August 2020. Registration will open at the beginning of March
Venue and travel information has been posted to the 2020 AGM/Congress webpage (LINK)

We are looking for a venue for AGM in 2023 and 2024. If any country is interested in hosting the Congress in 2023 or 2024 then please contact me at j.champion@ibita.org.

Instructor Training Committee
2020 I-C Training Module Registration opened January 1, 2020
The title is “Understanding the Complexity of Postural Control for the Functional Recovery of the Upper Limb and Hand” and will be held from Saturday 22nd August to Tuesday 25th August 2020
All information including the registration form is posted on the website: LINK

2020 ACI-C Training Module Registration opened January 1, 2020
The title is “Advanced Clinical Reasoning in the Bobath Concept” and will be held from 30th August to 2nd September 2020
All information including the registration form is posted on the website:  LINK
Any Basic Course Instructors who have taught five Basic Courses are eligible to apply for this module so do not miss a valuable opportunity to further develop your clinical reasoning skills.

Instructor-candidates will be given priority registration on a “first come, first served” basis until April 1st.  All instructor candidates, and prospective new candidates meeting the criteria described on the module webpage, should submit their I-C Training Module registration before April 1 to secure a place on the module.

Research Committee
The Committee has recently added two references to the public website https://ibita.org/bobath-concept-research/

  • Vaughan-Graham, J., Cheryl, C., Holland, A., Michielsen, M., Magri, A., Suzuki, M., & Brooks, D. (2019). Developing a revised definition of the Bobath concept: Phase three. Physiotherapy research international : the journal for researchers and clinicians in physical therapy, e1832.
  • Michielsen, M., Vaughan-Graham, J. A., Holland, A., Magri, A., & Suzuki, M. (2019). The Bobath concept – a model to illustrate clinical practice: responding to comments on Michielsen et al. Disability and rehabilitation41(17), 2109–2110.

All members can review all of the pages on the drop down menu from the Bobath Concept. This information is visible to the public and to members

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is still looking forward to receive member’s nomination. There are several open posts for the elections at the AGM 2020.
We would like to encourage everyone to think about your nomination. You all are very welcome to get in contact with the listed committee members and/or the nominating committee as well. Please don’t hesitate to ask for any information.
We thank you all for your support.
Cecilia, Koji, Heike

Committees amount
of vacant posts
Executive Committee -Vice Chairperson 1
Verification Committee 1
Appeals & Grievance Committee 1
Nominating Committee 1
Peer Review Committee 1
Instructor Training Committee 2
Education Committee 1
Research Committee 3
Bobath Development Committee 1
Qualification Committee:
Asia / Pacific

Qualification Committee
The Committee is looking to recruit members to serve on the Qualification Panel.
If you would like to be a Panel Member please read the Procedural Manual section Qualification Panel – Person Specification for more information.

The Expression of Interest form is available on Google Docs Expression of Interest (EOI) form – Qualification Panel Member (LINK)
The closing date for EOI is 31st March 2020

The feedback on the use of the updated Basic Course Instructor – Candidate Evaluation has been summarised – please read the summary (LINK). Unfortunately only 7 replies were received.

Bobath Trained Therapists in Thailand
If you are aware of any Bobath trained therapist in Bangkok, Thailand, please could you contact Cecilia Löfgren who has information of a patient in Bangkok who requires treatment.
Please email pc.lofgren@myhome.fi

Finally, if you have any information for the next newsletter, please send it to me by 15th March 2020.

Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary

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