2019 June Newsletter

An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

Newsletter June 2019
Executive Committee News:
We would like to remind you that the Statement of Instructor Status form must be completed before June 30th. All members, including Instructor-Candidates and Retired members must complete the form.
To complete your SIS please go to the member webpage – Select “Your Profile” – select “Edit your Profile” – select “Fill in your Statement of Instructor Status Survey”.Preparation for the 2019 AGM
The Congress website address is www.agmibitaargentina.com
The link to the Registration page is https://forms.gle/x6cj8r1rGvxiK8Gx8

The Agenda for the AGM to be held on 23rd August is now available LINK
Postal Votes will be available from 2nd August

The Instructor-Candidate Training module – “Understanding the Complexity of Postural Control for the Functional Recovery of Locomotion” being held 17th– 20th August, 2019 has one place available.  Registration: By completing and sending the form – LINK

IMPORTANT DATES – have been updated for 2019. Please check this page regularly – https://ibita.org/important-dates/

AGM 2022 – The AGM will be held in Kyoto, Japan from 31st August – 3rd September. Kyoto is about 75 minutes by train from Kansai International Airport in Osaka

Education Committee
We would like to remind everyone that the Basic Course Core Curriculum and Course Evaluation Form are accessible in the Procedural Manual.  Please use THIS CURRENT version for your courses.
Procedural Manual 3.1.3 Core Curriculum for the Basic Course on the Evaluation and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions – The Bobath Concept. LINK
Procedural Manual 3.1.6.Basic Course Evaluation Form LINK

Thank you to everyone who has completed the previous Google Surveys. The surveys are still open if you have not had the opportunity to complete them.

  • The “Perspective on aspects of the ICF” – LINK
  • The Model of Bobath Clinical Practice – LINK
  • The Clinical Case Report – LINK

Research Committee
Call for Oral Presentations and for Poster Presentations for 2019 IBITA Congress
IBITA members involved in research are invited to present their completed or ongoing research study to the 2019 IBITA Congress. The study must be related to neurological rehabilitation and the Bobath concept.  All study designs are invited.
Submissions accepted until 29 July.
Guidelines for scientific poster presentations – (LINK)
For more information please contact Miguel Benito. Email: mgl.benito@gmail.com

IBITA Conference Support Grant 
Submission deadline is 31 July.

Bobath Research in Progress
The Research Committee is updating the list of ongoing research projects regarding the Bobath Concept.
Members currently involved in any of these projects are invited to please update the list directly on google docs: BOBATH RESEARCH IN PROGRESS
For further information, please contact Miguel Benito: mgl.benito@gmail.com

In the IBITA Library there is a new paper – Michielsen M, Vaughan-Graham J, Holland A, Suzuki M. (2019). Responding to Comments  – The Bobath concept – a model to illustrate clinical practice. Disability and Rehabilitation LINK

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is still active in the recruitment process for the elections of office bearers at the AGM 2019.
You are all invited to name yourself or another member as a nominee.
Please have a look at the schedule, where you can find all the posts we have to vote on in Argentina.

SEEKING NOMINATIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING POSTSEC Secretary     Janice Champion will remain in post until AGM 2020
EC Instructor Trainee Secretary                 1 post
Education Committee
(This vacancy is dependent on the elections to the ITC)1 post
Appeals and Grievance Committee            1 post
Nominating Committee                               1 post
Peer Review Committee                             1 post
(Hanna Aviv will remain in post until AGM 2020)
Research Committee                                  1 post
Instructor Training Committee                     1 post
Qualification Committee
Europe / Africa                                1 post
Asia / Pacific                                    2 posts
North / South America                     2 posts

This month we want to highlight the work of Research Committee and the Education Committee:

Research Committee 

To assist in identifying relevant research questions. To advise on setting up research protocols.
To evaluate research proposals – relevant to the Bobath Concept – and make a recommendation to the EC regarding funding.
To structure/ define guidelines for applications for research funding. To advise on the process on where to apply for funding from other sources. To propose and promote research projects.

Education Committee   

To provide the theoretical underpinning for clinical practice. To promote continuing professional development. To ensure the quality of course content by ongoing curriculum development.
To develop and update models for clinical practice and provide the underlying theory. To develop, support and promote a culture of continuing professional development. To ensure the quality of IBITA courses. To deal with any other matters related to educational subjects that may arise.

 We appreciate very much, to be in touch with all of you to be ready for a committee membership! So please, think about your candidature. We are looking forward to get your response. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Thank you all, kind regards

Heike (Chairperson )            hfrauendorfschulze@freenet.de
Masako                                    fuchi@knwu.ac.jp
Cecilia                                    pc.lofgren@myhome.

Finally, if you have any information for the next newsletter, please send it to me by 15th July 2019.
Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary