2019 April Newsletter

An international association for adult neurological rehabilitation

Newsletter April 2019

Executive Committee News:
Statement of Instructor Status
We would like to inform you that the Statement of Instructor Status form will be available for you to complete from May 1st. Please go to your Member Profile on the website to access your SIS form.
All members, including Instructor-Candidates and Retired members must complete the form before June 30th.
Preparation for the 2019 AGM
The link to the Congress website and registration should be open at the beginning of May

IMPORTANT DATES – have been updated for 2019. Please check this page regularly – LINK

Education Committee
The Education Committee has developed resources for members to use in their teaching practice, as well as for personal reference, and plan to survey the IBITA membership for constructive feedback regarding these resources and whether further assistance to understand and apply the MBCP to their teaching and clinical practice would be helpful.
Please click on Education Committee Survey  LINK to open the survey on the Model of Bobath Clinical Practice.
Thank you to everyone who has completed the Google Survey on  “Perspective on aspects of the ICF” – the survey is still open if you have not yet had the opportunity to complete it. Nearly half the membership has already completed the survey. Please click on Education Committee Survey  LINK

Research Committee
Books and Chapters on Public Webpage
There is now a “Bobath Concept Books” Public page on the website in addition to the members only page.

Nomination Committee
The Nominating Committee would like to highlight two of the vacant committee posts for the next elections at the AGM in 2019.
Appeals & Grievance Committee has one vacancy this year. This Committee has three members and receives and acts upon appeals and grievances regarding IBITA members. Members of this Committee cannot also serve on the Executive Committee. Communication is usually via e-mail.
Peer Review Committee has two vacancies this year. The Committee’s purpose is to uphold IBITA’s ethical practice principles and to monitor the adherence of members to IBITA Byelaws, Rules and Regulations. It also has a very important role in monitoring continuing personal development and monitoring IBITA as an organisation. Communication is usually via e-mail.
You will also find more information in the Byelaws.
So please, think about your candidature. We are looking forward to receiving your responses. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Thank you all, kind regards
Heike (chairperson)            hfrauendorfschulze@freenet.de
Masako                                    fuchi@knwu.ac.jp
Cecilia                                    pc.lofgren@myhome.fi

Qualification Committee
A new version of the Advanced Course Instructor Candidate Evaluation form is now ready for use. It is in Google docs LINK
There is a yellow section in the Domain summary, which allows the instructor to add the number of domains that the Instructor-Candidate has taught and this calculates the score accurately.
Please send your feedback on the form to camilatorriani@gmail.com.

We have been contacted by a company that organizes courses in the Middle East and who are interested in hosting the Advanced Bobath course in UAE, Dubai – if you would like to teach a course in Dubai, please contact me and I will forward you more information.

Also, a therapist working near Moscow has asked if any Basic Courses could be taught in this area. Again, if you would like to teach in Russia, please contact me and I will forward you more information.

Finally, if you have any information for the next newsletter, please send it to me by 15th May 2019.

Janice Champion
IBITA Secretary